About PCOS Disorder

PCOS Disorder

PCOS is an abbreviation for Polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS disorder is one of the common disorder you can observe, 1 out of 5 women is estimated to be suffering from this hormonal imbalance disorder. It affects the health of a woman and thus it is important to know about PCOS. Here are 5 things we want you to know about PCOS disorder.

5 Things every Woman should know about PCOS Disorder

1. Uncertainty

Formation of a series of beads like cysts can be seen on the ovaries which create a lot of problems and negatively affect the body’s glands. They don’t necessarily grow and get filled by the fluid. Or you may get to see both the kind of cysts. But, it is still unclear why only some women develop PCOS disorder while others don’t. And it is not necessary, a woman with PCOS will get cysts. It is quite confusing to figure who develop PCOS. It may run in families as the disorder is linked with hormones including insulin production. We can say any woman can face this health problem, please don’t blame yourself.

2. Varying Symptoms

It is quite surprising how symptoms of PCOS disorder dramatically changes from person to person. Some of the common symptoms you can observe are recurring acne, irregular and absent period, oily skin, an excessive amount of hair growth, loss or thinning of head hair and weight gain. A woman who is planning to have babies can face difficulties. They also face this problem due to irregular ovulation that increases the risk of conditions including miscarriage.

3. Tough to Diagnose

According to experts, we still lack the knowledge to run the test which can determine the presence of PCOS disorder in the body. And this is one major possible reason why there are so many women who are suffering from this disorder. But, you are worth fighting for, don’t lose hope. If you are diagnosed with disrupted ovulation, higher androgen levels or ovarian cysts, get confirmed by various tests and checkups. Open up with your doctor and share your problem. Don’t ignore and underestimate any health problem.

4. Diet will Help You

Your body weight and amount of insulin your body produces are directly linked to each other which means being obese or overweight will directly reflect on your insulin level and this can create an impact on your symptoms of PCOS disorder. Experts advised to suppress the craving for fats and carbs and move towards a well-balanced diet with the Low GI index. This includes quality proteins, vegetables, eggs, seeds and nuts, and all the natural unprocessed food. You also need to include healthy fat, which will help you regulate your insulin sensitivity. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid processed food as they contain disruptive chemicals in them.

5. Impacts of PCOS Disorder

You need to take a proper diet and practice yoga or do exercise to manage PCOS. If you don’t manage the disorder properly, it can lead you to many health issues in the later phase of life. You may suffer from a disease like types like endometrial cancer or 2 diabetes. We don’t mean to scare, but we believe it’s our responsibility to make sure you are aware of PCOS disorder and its consequences. See a hormone specialist and opt for the right path. You may find a few things difficult to follow, but we are sure they are for your good.

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