Healthy Digestion

Ayurveda considers Agni as the source of life and is directly linked to the digestive system. Agni is responsible for energy generation and the good health of the body. Things you eat are equal to offering to Agni.  Here, you will learn about different Ayurvedic tips for healthy digestion.

Healthy Digestion

Food that you eat, will strengthen and improve your Agni, improve your digestion or do the opposite to your Agni.

Avoid harmful processed food products and stale food as they can lead to the formation of Ama, toxins formed due to undigested residue. It is considered a root cause of various diseases.

Let us look at tips for healthy digestion.

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Tips for Healthy Digestion

  • Eating healthy is the most basic tip for healthy digestion and obvious thing to follow if you want to improve your digestion. Consider your body as a temple and you will stop feeding unnecessary stuff. What you eat will directly reflect your digestion and health.
  • After finishing your meal, drink a cup of lukewarm water with a tablespoon of lemon juice. This will help digest and cleanse the digestive tract.
  • It is good for health if you eat fruits in the morning.
  • Ayurveda says we can see the reflection of nature in our bodies. We should eat our heaviest meal for lunch. As we all know, the sun is at the peak temperature at noon, and so is Agni in the body. Eating heavy or lunch can be digested much easier than dinner.
  • Avoid processed food and drinks containing a high amount of sugar. They can harm your Agni and weaken your digestion power.
  • You can use various methods to cleanse your system. The cleansing process will help you detox, rejuvenate, and repair your internal organs.
  • Practice Surya Namaskar, yoga, and various exercises regularly to make keep your digestive system strong.