Perform a Self-Abhyanga for Dry Skin

Abhyanga is the art of healing your body by applying and massaging with the help of herb-infused oil. Self-Abhyanga is about massaging with the oil and detoxifying the body.

Oil should be selected as per the requirement of the individual, to balance the body and according to the season. Indians have been using coconut oil and sesame oil for thousands of years for performing self-Abhyanga.

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Self-Abhyanga is performed to express and promote self-love. You can perform self-Abhyanga for various reasons. We will look at steps Self-Abhyanga For Dry Skin.


5 Steps to Perform a Self-Abhyanga for Dry Skin

  1. Start by brushing your skin with a dry brush to remove dead skin, debris, and any dirt present on the surface and prepare the skin’s pores to receive the oil.
  2. While you are dry brushing your skin, warm you selected oil. You can use an oil pot to warm it up or simply rub it between your palms.
  3. Start with neck, massage with a firm and gentle hand and start moving downwards to your feet. Massage limbs with long strokes and joints with a short one. Don’t forget to massage your fingers and toes. Your soles contain many nerve endings and are have important Marma points on them.
  4. Wait for 10-15 minutes, let the body absorb oil. This is an important step of self-abhyanga as the benefits of self-abhyanga for dry skin depend upon the oil absorbed by the body. The oil will take some minutes to reach the deepest layer of skin and some more minutes to reach the tissues of your internal organs. You can perform Surya Namaskar, Pranayam, meditate or simply prepare your tea.
  5. Take a cold shower in summer and cool (not hot) in winter to rinse the excess oil and avoid pore from clogging.